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I'm a candidate in the MS-SLP program and will complete my clinical Master's degree in May of 2023! My clinical interests are in the medical side of speech-language pathology, specifically in the areas of cognitive rehabilitation and swallowing. I am interested in working with individuals who have experienced a stroke, traumatic brain injury, or other neurogenic disorder. I have experience working with children with disabilities, but I enjoy working with all ages, from birth to adulthood! In the lab, I currently work with Emily Morrow, studying how individuals with traumatic brain injury learn new words. I'm excited to pursue research that not only advances our field, but also revolutionizes patient care. 


I grew up in a small town outside of Boston before moving to New York City for a few years. I just moved to Nashville, and so far, it's been one of my favorite places to live! I'm new to town, so in my free time, I've been exploring the city, scoping out my favorite coffee shops, and listening to country music. I also love spending time with my cat, Joey, and relaxing with a yoga class after a long day!

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